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Clospore International Showcase Conference

(Nottingham, 17th-20th June 2018)

RRI Workshop

(Nottingham, 20th June 2018)

Translation - From science to applications

(Nizo Food Research, 18th January 2018)

Biorefineries - the role of microbiology and biotechnology

(Wageningen FBR, 16-17th January 2018)

Midterm Workshop & Conference

(ITQB Nova Lisbon, 1-6th May 2017)

Corbion Training Workshop

(Gorinchem, NL, 6-10th June 2016)

Functional Genomics & RNA.seq Workshop

(Paris, 6-10th June 2016)

Gene Road Map Training

(Nottingham, 17-21st November 2015)

Insight into Biofuel Production

(GBL Oxfordshire, 16th November 2015)