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CLOSTRIDIUM - The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful!


10.00-10.05 am

Professor Nigel P Minton,

University of Nottingham



Not sure what a Clostridium is?  This introduction will put that right and get you in the mood to for the following talks, given by leading experts from around the UK.

10.05-10.30 am

Dr Wilf Mitchell

University of Heriot-Watt


Solvent production - not to be sniffed at!

One Clostridium bug, played a major role in the outcome of World War I. With increasing concerns of global warming and dwindling oil supplies, this bug could once again come to our aid!

10.30-10.55 am

Dr Adam Roberts

University College, London

Clostridium difficile: a new superbug?

A rather nasty, antibiotic resistant bug that 'exploded' on the scene during 2005, with media reported headlines of hospital outbreaks. Causes explosive diarrhoea, particularly in the elderly!     

10.55-11.20 am

Dr Keith Foster

Syntaxin Ltd., Salisbury


Botulinum toxin: more than just a pretty face!


Just about everyone knows how this toxin is used by the rich and famous for facelifts etc, but come and hear how it is used to treat all kinds of human disorders and the new 'wonder drugs' of the future



Sunday 25th June 2006

Lecture theatre B-63, Law and Social Sciences Building

University of Nottingham

10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Refreshments will be provided






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